Jasmine Werneburg


Jasmine is in her 6th year of a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice combined with a Bachelor of Business Management (Advanced Leadership). She is a creative, determined and caring leader who is always looking to do the right thing as well as help others. Don't let the law degree scare you, she's friendly and loves a good chat!

Jasmine loves taking photos, playing the piano and writing poetry. When she's not in the FBSA office Jasmine can be found travelling, drinking coffee with friends or at the beach!


Spencer Thomas


Vanessa Micarone

Vice President

Vanessa is in her 4th year of a combined degree of Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management). She is a self-driven individual who is always eager to take on new challenges. Vanessa works effectively in a team, being both sociable and diligent.

Vanessa is also a lover of food, coffee and music, especially when she can enjoy all three with her friends. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, attending live gigs and doing puzzles.


Email: vicepresident@flindersbusiness.com


Darian Wilson

Wellbeing, Education and Professional  Development (WEP) Director

Alexandra Hoffman


Alexandra is in her 3rd year of a Bachelor of Business (Innovation and Enterprise) and a Bachelor of Letters (Creative Writing). Alex is a creative individual with a knack for inventing, writing, painting and she also loves to travel!


When she isn’t in the FBSA office, you can usually find Alex chilling with the ducks by the lake and enjoying a nice veggie subway.

Anja Pejanovic

Social Director

The Flinders Business Students' Association (FBSA)
is FOR students, BY students!



From time to time, we also provide opportunities to become active members of our association and business community!

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Our Mission is to help all Flinders business and commerce students succeed during their time at university, and prepare them for success in the workplace. 


We work to do this by providing opportunities for  students to develop themselves

through events throughout the academic year such as:

  • Social

  • Wellbeing

  • Education

  • Professional Development​




Meet The Team

Spencer is studying a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice combined with a Bachelor of Finance (Advanced Leadership).


When Spencer's not in the FBSA office, you'll find him wandering around campus listening to obscure podcasts through his AirPods, studying in the law library or ‘cramming’ in the food court near the food court in the Hub.

Darian is currently studying a Bachelor of Accounting. Darian is working hard to put together our AWESOME WEP events as well as bring our members even more amazing opportunities! 


Outside of his responsibilities here at FBSA, Darian enjoys completing DIY projects; his latest being a solar powered hydroponics system. He is also a Pokémon fan so you are likely to see him playing Pokémon GO around campus.


Anja is currently studying a combined Bachelor of Psychological Science and Business (Human Resource Management). 


When she's not putting together our AMAZING social events, she enjoys surfing, listening to Spotify or binging Netflix shows. However, when she’s feeling slightly more adventurous she enjoys a beach bike ride, a paddle boarding session in the sun or simply playing some good old  “social” netball. She is a BIG lover of coffee and will probably be easily bribed by one (soy only please).


LWCM 1.06 Social Sciences Rd,
Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia

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