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Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia

©Flinders Business Students' Association

Our mission is to help all business and commerce students succeed during their time at university, and prepare them for success beyond in the workplace. 

FBSA is ran by business and commerce students, for business and commerce students. 

We do this by providing opportunities for fellow students to develop themselves through social, networking and professional events throughout the academic year and inviting new and returning students opportunities to be an active part of the association.

Meet The Team




Mikayla Golding

Education Director

Mikayla is our Education Director, and is in her second year of a double degree of Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance).

When she isn't organising educational events to help our fellow students’ professional journeys, she is most likely dabbling in her passion of food and wine, or on a beach with her Border Collie. About a good 30% of her pay goes to Local Brew Coffee in the Law/Commerce courtyard, so always a safe bet to find her there.


Anja Pejanovic

Social Director

Anja is our Social Director. She is currently completing her combined Degree in Psychological Science and Business (Human Resource Management). When she's not forming fun social events and studying at uni, she enjoys surfing Spotify or binging Netflix shows. However, when she’s feeling slightly more adventurous she enjoys a beach bike ride, a paddle boarding session in the sun or simply playing some good old  “social” netball. She is a BIG lover of coffee and will probably be easily bribed by one (soy only please).

Koby Gelven

Marketing Director

Koby is our Marketing Director. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Leadership, specialising in Finance and Accounting.

When he’s not wandering aimlessly around uni campus, you’ll find him jamming away on the piano, guitar or bass. Otherwise, you’ll find him on the courts playing basketball!


Marcus Falckh


Marcus is our almighty leader, AKA President. Entering into his third year of a double degree of Bachelor of Business (Advanced Leadership, Innovation & Enterprise) and Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Leadership, Accounting).

Marcus is passionate about many things and is willing to jump in and give it go. When he's not at uni or working in live theatre, you'll find Marcus catching up with family and friends, volunteering at his local Church, doing exercise, or binge watching Netflix.

Emily Dally

Vice President

Emily is our Vice President. She is completing her fourth and final year of a double degree of Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) and Bachelor of Health Sciences (Health Management).

When she isn’t managing our executive team, you will typically find her around campus quoting random vines/TV shows, or singing literally about anything! In her spare time she is learning to speak Spanish, and loves having a good chat.


Zeke Kilgallon


Zeke is our Secretary. He is completing a Bachelor of International Business.

When he's not busy keeping us all organised and running our committee meetings, you'll probably find him roaming campus dressed in a panda suit.

He loves to travel and would rather be in Peru right now (even though he will be next year anyway), has excellent taste in hippy shirts and is always up for a chat (especially if it helps him procrastinate).


Klayton Rosario


Klayton is our Treasurer. He is completing a Bachelor of Business (Advanced Leadership & Finance/Economics).

He can usually be found around campus, on the lookout for a free BBQ. When he’s not too busy cramming for exams, he can be found engaged in obscure arguments or going on a hike to work off all the free sausage sizzles.