Harmony Day

Everyone Belongs.

On Thursday the 21st of March, Flinders Business Students' Association - FBSAGovernment Student Association - GOVSA and the wider BGL Community came together to celebrate Harmony Day!

Together, we honoured the diversity and uniqueness of business and government students at Flinders University. It was so wonderful to see so many students willing to get involved in the day’s activities, and sharing with us what harmony day meant to them. 

As students within the College of Business, Government and Law, Flinders Business Students' Association - FBSA and Government Student Association - GOVSA believe that it is important to remind ourselves of what it means to be respectful of religion, culture and diversity.

For us, this means that everyone belongs. This is regardless of the religion that you follow, the country you were born in, the colour of your skin, the gender that you identify with or whatever your sexuality may be. Everyone Belongs.

Terrorism, Racism, fear and intolerance do not.

It is no longer acceptable for our global leaders, or leaders in general to actively demonstrate intolerance or disrespect of any kind. It is no longer acceptable or to discriminate against our diversity because no two people are exactly the same.

We live in an increasingly globalised society, where 1/2 way across the world, isn’t really that far away. The distance that separates us physically is decreasing. We, as students and future leaders, can no longer claim ignorance as a defence. It is no longer acceptable to be purposely uninformed and ignorant.

This means being aware and mindful of our differences, and above all else, being respectful of each other.
Perhaps rather than arguing over who is right and who is wrong in diversity, we could openly and peacefully share our similarities and differences. We need learning about culture and diversity. Not fear.

We need to understand each other. We need peace and harmony in our communities. We can only achieve this through sharing and being informed.

This is Australia. This is Flinders University. This is the College of Business, Government and Law. Everyone Belongs.

Below are some images from a photo shoot taken on the day, demonstrating the unity and diverse backgrounds of our students. United we stand.


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