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Join our Team

Applications to join the FBSA team in 2019 are now open!


Why become part of the FBSA team?

  • Gain real-life work experience- working in your future career area of interest in a supportive environment  

  • Connect and network- with other like-minded students from different business and commerce majors

  • Make a difference- to the experiences of business and commerce students at Flinders


We have five teams that you can join.

Application FAQs


When do applications open and close?

Applications are open now and will close at the end of the week.


How does the application process work?

Once you apply, you will be forwarded an email to attend an informal interview (it’s a chat) with our Vice President and the Director of the team you have applied to.

If your application is successful, we will contact you within a week of that interview.


Do I need to be an FBSA member to be part of the team?

Yes, and membership is free! If you haven’t already signed up, you can do so here


Can I be part of the team if I’m only in my first year of studies

Of course, we relish the opportunity to have first year talent on our team!


I don’t know if I have the right experience to join a team

The purpose of these roles is to provide you with a safe environment to gain actual experience in your field of interest. It doesn’t matter if you think you lack experience, what we are looking for is cultural-fit. If you are positive, enthusiastic and up to any challenge, we want you to apply!


What about Executive Team roles, can I apply for those?

Executive Roles are filled via member vote at our AGM.  Our next AGM scheduled to take place late September 2019.  A General Meeting of members will be called (and all members notified) if an executive position is vacated before the AGM.

My question has not been answered!

Not to worry, just email our Vice President, Emily Dally, at vicepresident@flindersbusiness.com


Teams and Positions


*You can download positions descriptions for each role under the relevant team

Social Team

Want to be part of the team which helps brainstorm ideas and helps bring our social events to life?

Want to gain experience in event planning?

Our Social Team puts on many fabulous events for our members each year, including but not limited to: Business ball, pub-crawls, first-year mixers, quiz night and more!

We are currently looking for students to fill the following roles:

  • Social Team First Year Representative

  • Social Team Officers




Education Team

Want to be part of the team which helps business students get the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the workforce?

Want to gain experience in event and campaign planning?

Our Education Team is involved in running a number of educational and academic based events for our members. This includes, but is not limited to, industry networking events, informational ‘life skills’ workshops, final year dinner, and more!

We are currently looking for students to fill the following roles

  • Education Team First Year Representative

  • Education Team Officers

Marketing Team

Want to be part of the team which helps plan, create and advertise our marketing material?

Want to gain experience in marketing and design?

Our marketing team is pivotal to our association, helping to design marketing material for all our events and campaigns.

We are currently looking for a student to fill the following role

  • Marketing Team Officer


Finance Team

Want to be part of the team which helps to manage the association’s finances?

Want to gain real-life accounting and financial management experience?

Our finance team is critical in ensuring that our sponsor and grant funding funds are put to the best use. Working in this team will involve financial planning, bank management, financial statement drafting, and sponsorship management.

We are currently looking for students to fill the following role

  • Sponsorship Officer