Are you afraid of the upcoming exam period? 
No worries! FBSA has some tips to help you get through it!



This semester everything has changed, and we all need to find ways of getting used to the new normal. If you don’t feel comfortable and are unsure of how to manage online exams these tips will help you to survive your exam period: 


  1. Check your Equipment


Always remember your computer will be your best friend during online exams. So make sure everything is working:


  • Always plug in your charger to make sure you don’t run out of battery 

  • Check your equipment plenty of times beforehand and find alternative arrangements if needed. Like using the computers in the flinders library


  2. Can you rely on your Internet Connection?


Do you have problems with your WIFI connection at home? No problem! The campus is open for you, so you can always use the reliable WIFI at Flinders University for your exams.  As a backup plan you could consider using your mobile hotspot during exams. 


  3. Don’t forget to Save your Answers!


We all know that exams can be stressful especially because of the time pressure but NEVER forget to save your answers in online exams, at least every 10 minutes. Otherwise all your answers might be gone because of technical difficulties. For this reason, we recommend using a word document to first type out your answers and then copy it across into the online exam.


4. It’s all about Time Management


Time management is always important not only for online exams. Make sure to have a clock nearby to manage your time. After starting the exam have a look at all tasks first and check the amount of points you can get for every task to determine how long you should spend on each section. Remember to always do the sections you know first then move on to the ones you struggle with.


5. Create an Exam Friendly Environment


This semester we all needed to learn how to work from home. For some of us this can be really challenging in terms of how to keep concentrated. Here you can find some tips to improve your concentration and feel comfortable at home during online exams:


  • Find a comfortable and quiet place that is free of distractions

  • Place your phone on flight mode

  • Have a bottle of water and some healthy snacks nearby 

  • Ensure you have all of the materials needed for the exam (Blank paper, notes, calculator etc.) 


6. Avoid Family Distractions During Exams


We all love our families but during exams we need to stay concentrated and focused. That’s why you should try to communicate with your partner and other family members to find solutions on how to avoid distractions during your study and exam periods. 

For example: 


  • Have a schedule for when you will study

  • Organise outings your partner can do with the kids to give you time

  • Arrange activities for your kids like movie dates, play dates, outings with grandparents, babysitters etc. to take the time to study for exams


We know online exams can be challenging, but never give up and keep going! You will rock this!

Your FBSA Team

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