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Q&A with Elise Vollebregt

Manager, Privacy Compliance at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and Flinders Alumni What is your current job role, and how did you get there? I am currently Privacy Compliance Manager with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. I started as a Graduate 7 years ago and moved into Risk before Regulatory Compliance (which is a good fit as its utilising both my law and finance degrees) What do you enjoy most (and least) about what you do? I get to work on some pretty cool projects, such as the Open Banking regime and the response to the Financial Systems Inquiry. Whilst there isn't much I don't like about my job, it can be pretty thankless and some days you feel like you haven't ticked anything off the 'to do list'. What does a typical day/week look like for you? Everyday is completely different. I never really know what my day is going to be like as things happen very quickly in the Privacy space. My day can be anything from responding to privacy breach events, to responding to cyber incidents. Alternatively I can be conducting staff training, writing internal policies or ensuring projects and documents are compliant with Privacy laws. Tell me about one of the most valuable moments/opportunities you had while you were at university? I would say the opportunity to travel to Shanghai and study at Flinders Uni's sister school (East China University) and study Chinese Law. Additionally, the breath of experiences that Flinders offers and opportunities to practice the skills taught in a practical sense early on in your degree is extremely valuable. Do you have any advice for current business/law students thinking about their future careers? Get a mentor who is already in your desired career/industry, learn to network and ensure you have a LinkedIn profile. Figure out what skills you have that make you uniquely 'you', in addition to your university degree. Are you a great multi-tasker, have a meticulous eye for detail, expert at project management, great at keeping calm under pressure or a gun at analysing patterns in data? Make sure you sell yourself and these skills in an interview as this knowledge will be what sets you apart from other applicants. You can connect with Elise on LinkedIn here

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