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​​The leader we love… Challenging hierarchal norms to create a brighter future

Written by Sam Ackland, Managing Director of BuildClean, and Flinders Business Alumnus

It seems to me we have lost sight of the point of leadership; to be the protector of the Realm.

What we need most in leadership today is a reminder to utilise the love we can give instead of the fear we can create. Too often leaders are put in the spotlight for their poor performance.

In my line of work it is common to see leadership manifest into an authoritarian hierarchy. Where leaders climb to the top of the mountain just to be recognised.

We can see the harsh reality of leading with and without love in the world of the chimpanzee. The Alpha chimp who thrives is the one who gives and receives love and is inclusive of all members of the group. This enables him to remain at the top of the pack. The alpha who leads with force will always have to fight to stay at the top which never lasts long.

The lesson for us learn in social hierarchies is, leaders who lead with love will succeed and continue to succeed. “Learning to understand how to give and receive love in oneself and in others can mature a boss into a true leader” - Corey Boutwell 2022

The problem I see is that those that have made it to the top did so without taking the time to firstly love and accept themselves. Leaving their moral compass open to manipulation towards profit over people, exploitation of resources and unsustainable practices.

From the development of ones Self the modern leader can truly lead with love and compassion, something to be worked on in current leadership styles. The modern leader can speak love languages and act as a protector of their realm. By taking responsibility as a protector the modern leader show strength through vulnerability, trust and gratitude

A modern leader invests in themselves, their relationships and family life, to be the protector of their realm.

From this investment the ruler of the kingdom emerges with a definite purpose and unshakable values to guide quality performance and behaviour.

I want to see modern leaders being kind, honest and vulnerable. I want to see them express gratitude and love for those they lead, and in return be lifted up as the true leader of their organisation.

This is what true leadership entails.

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