For the first time ever the FBSA is running a wine tour!!!
Several Adelaide Hill Locations | Wine Tasting | Catering

Come join us for a fantastic day at our wonderful wine tour locations in the Adelaide Hill Region on the 21st of September!


The tour will include delicious wine tastings at award winning wineries, and catering at the last location at 3pm. Buses will pick up groups at 11.45am therefore, all guests will need to gather from 11am onwards in the Multimedia Lounge Hub Level 0.


Upon boarding buses, all guests will be provided with a map of their tour locations and emergency contact numbers.


Group A

  • 12.45 pm The Lot 100 (beer tasting)

  • 2pm O'Leary Walker (wine tasting)

  • 3pm Maximilian's/Sidewood Estate(catering)

Group B

  • 12.45pm O'Leary Walker (wine tasting)

  • 2pm Nepenthe Wines (wine tasting)

  • 3pm Maximilian's/Sidewood Estate (catering)

Group C

  • 12.45pm Barristers Bloc (wine tasting)

  • 2pm The Lot 100 (beer tasting)

  • 3pm Maximilian's/Sidewood Estate(catering)


DISCLAIMER: Each group is limited to 20 members only! `Keep this in mind when booking for groups.

If you require further answers, message us on our FBSA Facebook page or visit us our office in 2.41 LWCM.

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Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia

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