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2021 Committee Application

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Application FAQs

When do applications close?

Applications will close on February 26th 2021.

Do I need to be an FBSA member to apply?

Yes, and membership is free! Sign up here.

Of course! We relish the opportunity to have first year talent on our team.

How does the application process work?

After submitting the above form, shortlisted applicants will receive an email to organise an informal chat with our Vice President and the relevant team Director(s).

I don't know if I have the right experience.

The purpose of these roles is to provide you with a safe environment to gain actual experience in your field of interest. It doesn't matter if you think you lack experience, what we are looking for is a cultural fit. If you are positive, enthusiastic and up for a challenge, we want you to apply!

I have a different question.

No worries, Alex Hoffman will be happy to answer your question. You can email her at

Can I join even though I'm only a first year?

Executive roles are filled via member vote at our AGM. Our next AGM is scheduled for late October 2021. A Special General Meeting of members will be called, and members notified, if an executive position is vacated during their term.

What about Executive Committee positions?

Current Positions

First Year Rep

Whilst First Year Reps form part of the HR Team, you will have the opportunity to work in every team within FBSA.

This position is exclusively for students in the first year of their degree.